3 Key Strategies for Accurate & Granular Spend Analytics

Today, more than ever, it's imperative that companies are now able to answer key questions like:

  • Who am I buying from?
  • Where can I consolidate spend to negotiate better deals?
  • How can I be better prepared for the next disrupting event?

To do this, businesses need a pipeline of accurate, correctly classified, and up-to-date spend data. When reliable spend data and analytics is in place, businesses can realize immediate value by consolidating suppliers, driving favorable contracts and reducing unnecessary spend, and allow for better spend forecasting long term.

How companies can get started:

Replace traditional solutions that don't scale and require either brute force to manually clean up spend data, or are built upon a system of complex and fragile rules.

Implement a human-guided machine learning platform that can rapidly absorb new data streams as businesses adopt additional data to understand market conditions, delivering a dynamic pipeline of complete, up-to-date spend data; classified to industry standards (UNSPSC) or custom taxonomies.

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As a relatively new position in enterprises, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have had to prove their resiliency every day, often under unclear mandates, ambiguous goals, and an ever-changing reporting structure. These challenges uniquely prepare CDOs to be a critical part of the solution during unpredictable business times, like the ones facing companies now.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

  • Techniques and practical strategies for taking control in a crisis, based on our work with CDOs and data leaders in many large organizations
  • How to best focus your efforts for maximum impact in the coming weeks and months to provide contextual data to decision-makers
  • Actionable ideas from optimizing revenue retention to minimizing supply chain disruption including real-life examples