The DataOps Approach to Data Mastering

The gap between business needs around data quality and availability, and the reality of the state of enterprise data has never been larger. As enterprise data grows exponentially, decades of technologies have failed to address the challenge of large data volume and variety. As a result, many analytics and data projects fail to keep pace with business needs.

Tamr’s data mastering solutions—driven by machine learning with intuitive workflows for engaging data experts effectively—accelerate the ability to connect internal and external datasets and answer critical business questions.

In this document, you’ll learn:

  • How Tamr’s data mastering solutions power analytic insights

  • Tamr’s core competencies in a best-of-breed data management ecosystem

  • The importance of cloud-native, open architectures for scaling

  • How Tamr complements or can replace MDM solutions

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As a relatively new position in enterprises, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have had to prove their resiliency every day, often under unclear mandates, ambiguous goals, and an ever-changing reporting structure. These challenges uniquely prepare CDOs to be a critical part of the solution during unpredictable business times, like the ones facing companies now.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

  • Techniques and practical strategies for taking control in a crisis, based on our work with CDOs and data leaders in many large organizations
  • How to best focus your efforts for maximum impact in the coming weeks and months to provide contextual data to decision-makers
  • Actionable ideas from optimizing revenue retention to minimizing supply chain disruption including real-life examples