Report: The State of Data and Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Financial institutions recognize the opportunities presented by digital transformation. But, why are many of the world's largest financial institutions failing to deliver successful digital initiatives?

Tamr surveyed 300 C-Level executives to find out.

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  • Understand what’s behind the lack of data readiness and what financial institutions are seeking in a data solution

  • See the strategies recommended to drive more data-driven outcomes within billion dollar organizations

  • Help your organization to drive results from data initiatives faster and more effectively

So, what's driving digital transformation? Download this report to find out.

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Reference data management refers to the hundreds of high-quality data sources available to financial institutions in order to enrich customer information. This data is used for various purposes — from maintaining more complete records to evaluating risk and monitoring market trends. Although 90% of institutions already use external sources to enrich customer data, 85% of these organizations are apprehensive of bringing in new sources and systems for two primary reasons — speed of implementation and accuracy.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The role of reference data in regulation and compliance
  • How to integrate reference data into your organization’s KYC program
  • Why accurate counter-party identification and risk assessment requires external data
  • How to use machine learning to leverage accurate reference data quickly, at scale
  • Steps to consider when preparing for mergers & acquisitions
  • How to mitigate risk and reduce costs by improving vendor intelligence

About the Author


Aidar Orunkhanov
Solutions Director at Tamr

Aidar is responsible for researching and delivering new solutions within Banking and Financial Services and was recently selected as one of The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. Emerging Leaders: 2019 for his accomplishments in Audit and KYC. Prior to Tamr, Aidar led audit, regulatory and compliance analytics enablement efforts for a global bank, and worked as a fraud analytics consultant for Fortune 2000 firms. Aidar also serves as an Adjunct Lecturer at Boston University, teaching graduate level Business Analytics courses.