How Transamerica is transforming to better serve their customers

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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Tuesday, November 16th, 1-2 pm ET / 10-11 am PT

In the incredibly competitive insurance industry, providing exceptional customer service is the key element to standing out.

Transamerica puts its customers at the forefront of its decision-making process to improve communications processes, offering relevant insurance and retirement services, for example, and providing them with a single view of the products they use.

By developing a holistic 360-degree view of its customers, Transamerica is attracting new customers, retaining current customers and maintaining a competitive edge. 

As a key component of this transformation, Transamerica’s team turned to the cloud and data mastering to clean and curate millions of customer records. By doing so, Transamerica can ensure good data maximizes it's cloud investment.

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I really want people to learn about building strong partnerships. That’s what is going to drive success. It’s not just about a tool. Having partners that support you and care about what you’re doing and it’s not just about a payment every month is huge. That’s what makes a difference.” 

 - Vanessa Gonzalez, Senior Director of Data And Analytics at Transamerica 

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Meet the Speakers

Vanessa Gonzales

Vanessa Gonzalez

Senior Director of Data And Analytics at Transamerica

Vanessa provides leadership and strategic direction to the Data Science and Data Governance teams deploying a full range of data and advanced analytics solutions, machine learning, and AI techniques to address business opportunities and challenges.



Anthony Deighton

Chief Product Officer at Tamr

Anthony has over 20 years of experience oversees product and solutions strategy for Tamr’s growing data mastering solutions

Richard wang mit

Richard Wang, Ph.D. - Moderator

Executive Director at MIT CDOIQ Program

Richard Wang will moderate the session and provide anecdotes from his experience leading the MIT CDOIQ program over the past 12 years.