Video: How Toyota Established a Golden Customer Record Using Machine Learning

Speaker: Filip Salaets - IT Manager, Customer & Retailer at Toyota Motor Europe

Duration: 14 minsWatch VideoAbout this video:

Toyota, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, set out to find a solution that could integrate large volumes of customer records from a variety of systems to gain a holistic view of its customers. Filip Salaets, IT Manager, Customer & Retailer, and his team at Toyota Motor Europe, set out to integrate and classify customer data from over 250 data sources to provide a seamless customer experience.

During this video, Filip covers:

  • How Toyota created one ID for every single customer in Europe
  • The business value of integrating data from independent business units
  • The positive impact data integration had on marketing outcomes 
  • How Toyota achieved GDPR compliance while mastering data at scale using Tamr

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Toyota Golden Record